How to pay less for insurance

The cost of car insurance is directly related on driving experience and driving record. For homeowners insurance, health   and some business insurance the cost is not the same.    

To keep your car insurance cheap,   the best thing to do is avoid  traffic  tickets and maintain a clean driving record.  If you get  a traffic ticket you  should take traffic school  to keep driving record clean. for low cost high quality traffic school   hit. traffic school

In many situations traffic school is not an option so the service of  a lawyer will be the solution to avoid a possible license suspended  or avoid jail time.  All this events stay in the driving record  for a minimun of three years making insurance payments very high. For a low cost lawyer starting at $17 a month hit.  Legal prepaid

Insurance quotes  with low cost and low down payments 

Insurance Quote​s

We provide car insurance, home insurance, health insurance,  business insurance,  and life insurance. we are located in kissimmee, fl 34741. We provide quick and friendly service.   TEL.  407-574-7648

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New Venture. 

Is very easy to get insurance with New Venture. A simple call or by filling the online form  will provide you with a quick low cost quote.  We have car insurance for drivers with good record and bad record. Home insurance for old homes, new homes and renters insurance. Health insurance for obamacare standards,  medicare advantage,  critical illness,  cancer and accident insurance. Life insurance for all needs, and business liability insurance. We are located in kissimmee, Fl 34741. Call us at 407-574-7648 for our quick and friendly service. 

Here is local and regional informationtion and reference for the consumer.​

​1. To access the Florida Obamacare:   Obamacare

2. To save money on home insurance:    Savings

​3. To get help on insurance questions:    Advocate

4. For Florida  emergency:   ​Emergency​​

5.  For National emergency:   Fema

​6. Florida department of insurance regulation: Floir   

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