How to pay less for insurance

Car insurance is directly related on experience and prior driving record of the insured. For home insurance and business insurance the price is set different,  and for health  insurance claims or history is not directly related do the price do to the new health care reform. 

To keep car insurance cheap best thing to do is avoid any traffic  tickets and maintain a clean driving record.  If the driver  gets a traffic ticket he should take traffic school when ever is allowed to knock those points out.  We have a link  for traffic school.  press    traffic school

in many situations a lawyer may be needed  not only to keep the driving record clean but also to avoid getting  the driving license suspended, avoid jail time or defend against criminal charges.  All this events stay in the driving record  for a minimun of three years and the money penalty is high.  We have a link to a prepaid legal service  for less then $20 a month.  press      legal prepaid

Insurance quote  with low cost and low down payments 

Insurance Quote​s

New Venture insurance   provides  insurance quotes for car insurance,  also,  home insurance Kissimmee,   health insurance   and business insurance .  Complete the form or call 407-574-7648. 

 Friendly and reference sites

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Is very easy  cheap car insurancehere at New Venture. Good rates are also available for home insurance Kissimmee,  business insurance kissimmee, and,  health insurance kissimmee.   Just go to the insurance product listed above and complete the contact and information form or call 407-574-7648.  We will provide you with quick and friendly service. 

This web sites are very useful for insurance information and reference for the consumer.

1. To access the Florida Obamacare:   Obamacare

2. To save money on home insurance:    Savings

​3. To get help on insurance questions:    Advocate

4. For Florida  emergency:   Emergency

5.  For National emergency:   Fema